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What is this Cafe?
✨ This cafe is called Gordon Espresso
Where is this Cafe?
✨ It’s in 71 Coventry St, Southbank, Melbourne
Do you own this Cafe?
✨ No, I’m just working as a barista here
Do you work here full time?
✨ No, I work part-time
What is the espresso machine that you use?
✨ Synesso MVP Hydra
What is the grinder that you use?
✨ House Blend : Mazzer
✨ Single Origin : Victoria Arduino Mythos One
✨ Filter/Decaf : Mahlkonig EK 43
Who are your co-workers?
✨ Nick – The Owner
✨ Rowan – The Manager / Barista :
✨ Christiana – Front of House
What beans that you use?
✨ Dark Horse from Five Senses
What is the green thing that you use for dosing? Where can I get one?
Why are you taking a bit of the coffee grounds out every time you dose the coffee?
✨ The coffee recipe requires 23gr dose of the coffee ground, and most of the time, the grinder is being inaccurate, either giving me too much or too little, so I have to scoop it out 🙂
Where are you from?
✨ Indonesia
How to find a Barista work in Australia if I’m from another country?
✨ You have to obtain a visa that allows you to come, stay & work in here first, then you can apply for a Barista job. Most people from other countries (I was too) use Work & Holiday Visa.


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