Roasting Coffee in a Skillet by Maine Home Roasters

In this video we take you through the process of roasting coffee in a cast iron skillet on an electric stove top. You’ll need the following to items:

A skillet (we prefer a 12″ cast iron), a whisk or other stirring utensil, a metal mesh colander and 3/4 cup (125g) of green coffee beans. For this video we did a single origin coffee from Nicaragua.

In the video we mention that our average time for a roast is 12-14 minutes but this particular roast only took about 9 minutes. This is why we recommend you never leave roasting coffee unattended. Be aware that roasting coffee does produce smoke and chaff so be prepared to deal with them. A good vent or exhaust fan will help but your house may smell of roasting coffee for a few hours afterward.

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