Cast Iron Roasted Coffee

Cast Iron Roasted Coffee
by Dean & LeRoy…

Why camp or home roasted coffee is better than commercial roasted coffee…
It’s not only fresher, but also has wonderful flavors not found in commercial roasts.
All commercial roasters let their roasted coffee rest for at least 1-3 days before brewing because the beans out-gas right after roasting and cause foaming issues if brewed in large quantities. That’s not a problem for home roasters, because the coffee is brewed in smaller quantities and the foaming action is manageable, in fact, it’s refereed to as, the bloom. The main reason though, why some home roasters brew their coffee before resting it for out-gassing, is because of the flavors found, only right after roasting. Wonderful sweet fruity and chocolate flavors for example, can be enjoyed if brewed right after or shortly after roasting, before out-gassing has minimized. These awesome “notes” diminish or even disappear as the roast out-gasses. I have given friends my special blends, instructing them to go home and brew it up and not speak with them again until weeks later, asking what they thought of the taste, only to hear, “Oh, I haven’t tried it yet…” Sad to say, they, “Missed the boat” lol

Roasting Basics
Preheat skillet to at least 400F before adding beans.
Keep the beans in continuous motion to avoid scorching.
Watch for yellowing to occur… Preferably about 5 minutes after adding them to the skillet.
Listen for “First Crack” to occur… This is when the roast enters the medium roast stage. (It sounds like popcorn just starting to pop)
Listen for “Second Crack” to occur… This is when coffee enters the dark roast stage. (It’s sounds like popcorn, popping at full pop, except more muffled)
Don’t take your roast too far into the Second Crack.
Try to keep total roasting time below 20 minutes.
Try to keep roasting temperature between 400-475F.
Cool beans quickly.

Warning: If you try it, you will be hooked!!!

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