☕️How to make Coffee Latte Art at home ???? Coffee ASMR | French Press | 홈 라떼아트 | 프렌치프레스 | Cafe Vlog

Coffee Art
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Korean Barista Joy / Latte art / Cafe Vlog / Barista Life

I am korean Barista Joy in Sydney, Australia. I am international student here and working as a barista. I hope you enjoy my all videos. Thanks for watching.
Love you all always ❤️

안녕하세요 바리스타 조이입니다. 호주에서 인테리어 디자인 전공으로 바리스타로서 유학생활을 하고있어요 저의 영상들을 재밌있게 봐주셨다면 구독과 좋아요 부탁드려요! 언제나 감사합니다 ❤️

How to make coffee with French Press ?
I will show you how I make coffee at home ????

같이 고생해준 미카엘 바리스타님 감사합니다 ????


Bodum French Press 70th anniversary limited edition
350ml, (3cups of coffee)

Maxim instant coffee

Music: Soft serve
Musician: Rook1e

✔️Barista Joy
– 2 year experience as a Barista in Sydney
– Winner of Latte art competition from Pablo&Rusty’s 2018

-The Smelly Cheese Cake Cafe, Wentworth Point, Sydney, Australia

????Instagram @baristajoy.com.au

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