10 Fast Food Desserts That Make Their Food Even Better

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Here’s a list of 10 Fast Food Desserts That Make Their Food Even Better. Save room for dessert, these are the top 10 best fast food desserts you can get right now!
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Have you ever craved something really bad or had a feeling of nostalgia when picking up some drive-thru treats? Are your favorite fast food sweets the classics or the limited editions that bring back fond munchie memories? Whichever the case, here is our list of the top 10 fast food desserts.

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0:21 Chocolate Chip Soft Baked Cookie – McDonald’s
1:31 Chocolate Frosty – Wendy’s
2:39 Cake Pop – Starbucks
3:48 Marbled Brownie Cookie – Domino’s
5:13 Cinnamon Twists – Taco Bell
6:25 Hershey’s Pie – Burger King
7:40 Root Beer Float – A&W
9:26 Dilly Bar – Dairy Queen
10:41 Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake – Domino’s
12:06 Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard – Dairy Queen

– What better way to finish off your Big Mac than with a little sweetness – maybe a chocolate chip cookie? The most classic American cookie is served at the most classic fast food joint, the one with the golden arches.
– Nothing says road trip like salty fries dipped in chocolate frosty goodness. Is it a milkshake? Is it ice cream? Is it a smoothie? It’s probably none of the above but it’s the most delicious frozen chocolate concoction to gulp down after (or during) your Baconator lunch at Wendy’s.
– Ok, so Starbucks is known for being a great American coffee shop, but ironically, they also make what is arguably the most unique dessert available at any fast food restaurant. What menu item are we talking about?
– The marbled brownie cookie from Domino’s is exactly that – a brownie and a cookie. You don’t have to decide between the two and for those who hate making decisions on what to eat or what to order, this is the most wonderful choice for your post-pizza munchies.
– A cult classic that has lasted throughout the ages, these airy, sugary twists will bring you back to your 1990s Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal eating glory days. These light, crunchy and fluffy cinnamon sugar twists are the perfect balance of sweetness and spice without being too overwhelming.
– Although Burger King may not be the king of fast food desserts, they do have some pretty delicious pies. If you haven’t tried the Hershey’s pie from Burger King, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a craving for some artificially flavored, creamy milk chocolatey goodness, this is the pie for you.
– You can, in fact, eat your dessert and drink it too! A&W’s root beer float is their branded root beer soda with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The creamy ice cream melts away and mixes with the top layer of the root beer.
– Some may argue that Dairy Queen is really the royalty of fast food treats and they’re probably right. I mean the word queen is right there in the name. The dilly bar is probably the most basic dessert on this list, soft serve ice cream dipped in chocolate on a stick.
– Is there a restaurant you’re thinking of that serves your favorite lava cake? Well believe it or not, you can get lava cake delivered from a pizza joint near you! This chocolate lava crunch cake has such a rich, chocolate flavor you’ll feel like you got delivery from your favorite fancy restaurant.
– The Almighty Blizzard takes the top spot on this list of fast food desserts. Although some may disagree on the flavor choice, there’s no denying how satisfying it is every time the dairy queen worker flips that cup upside down to ensure the ice cream doesn’t budge.

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